Bright beginnings: How Zuri Baby Couture Started (Part 3)

This is what we ended up with, our very first Zuri Baby Couture booties, which I am very proud of until this day.

I went back to the Philippines on a business trip and brought my baby and nanny with me. I had a meeting with an online platform where I was planning to work with to handle our jewelry line distribution. Since my baby was with me at the time, I showed them her outfit and offered to bundle my jewelry pieces with my baby products. At first, they were hesitant but eventually they agreed.

Surprisingly, the first 30 minutes after the products were launched online, everything was a hit! Every minute a product is sold, and we got hundreds of pre-orders.

I felt so happy that the idea inspired by my baby became an instant success! From there, I was able to make it into a full-blown business. I took the leap of faith to say YES and committed to grow this brand just like how I did with my jewelry lines.

It wasn’t always easy, because I experienced failures, delays, and losses in trying to start this businessbut it only made me stronger.

Today, Zuri Baby Couture has achieved success all over Southeast Asia: the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. And it’s all because of you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!