Bright beginnings: How Zuri Baby Couture Started (Part 2)

Out of frustration, I decided to just do a DIY baby accessory using leftover fabrics, glue gun, and my scissors. To my surprise it looked better than expected so I paired her look with booties. But something was still missing. I asked a small company to make matching booties in different prints and designs. It was okay—but not quite there yet.

Then I went to a nearby craft store and bought materials I could use to create a shoe prototype. To be honest, I wasn’t an expert. I have never designed shoes in my entire life! I did have some knowledge about designing shoes, jewelry and clothing, but designing shoes is another world for me. But I soldiered on and created my first cardboard prototype, and it took us over 15 times trial and error and trips to the factory to finally finish the first perfect pair of shoes for my baby.

From a simple idea, it became the starting point of my business. I tried to get feedback about the shoes I made and most of them were not favorable.

“No baby would want to wear shoes in hot weather! It would sell well in Europe or Alaska, though.”

“Babies grow fast and practical moms will think those kinds of accessories are just a luxury. Nobody would want to spend for baby fashion!”

Despite the mixed reviews, I used them as guides in making our first product: it should be comfortable, breathable, and wearable in humid countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Other factors I figured in are affordability, beautiful design, and most of all, it should create an impact once the baby wears it.