Bright beginnings: How Zuri Baby Couture Started

You’re here! You don’t know how happy I am that you have chosen Zuri Baby Couture for your baby’s style needs. I’m Hershey Chan-Morgan and this is my journey from being a mom who built a business from a small idea to being a global entrepreneur. I want to share to you how I began from the bottom, the challenges I encountered, and my inspirations.

Zuri Baby Couture, Hershey Morgan

Like many other entrepreneurs, I started out on a different path in business before stumbling upon a great idea that would soon become a success. I was originally a GIA Pearl specialist and owned Zuri Wearable Art, which sells high-end jewelry and certified South-sea pearls. We distribute to over 36 stores in Metro Manila, Singapore, and UAE. We attend trade shows in different countries and we were getting good recognition for our one-of-a-kind premium jewelry.

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But big and welcome life changes also came my way when I got married in 2011, I had to move to Jakarta to be with my husband and build our family. I gave birth to our first baby girl the year after and being the fashion-fan mom that I am, I was so excited to dress her up. But she had little hair on her head even after a few months, and many people would often mistake her for a boy.

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 Zuri Baby Couture, Hershey Chan Morgan

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So I looked around malls for baby head accessories but found none that would suit the humid weather in Jakarta and some of them caused allergies on my baby.

Out of frustration, I decided to create a prototype of baby accessory using leftover fabrics and my tools. To my surprise it looked better than expected.

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But something was still missing to complete the entire look. I started creating the Prototype of a Baby Booties. To be honest, I wasn’t an expert. I have never designed shoes in my entire life! I did have some knowledge about designing clothes, jewelry and bags, but designing shoes is another world for me. But I soldiered on and created my first cardboard prototype, and it took us over 15 times trial and error and trips to the factory to finally finish the first perfect pair of shoes for my baby After 15 tries,  It was okay—but not quite there yet.

Zuri Baby Couture, Hershey Chan, Hershey Morgan

From a simple idea, it became the starting point business concept. I tried to get feedback about the business concept of developing a Baby Brand and most of them were not favorable.

“No baby would want to wear shoes in hot weather! It would sell well in Europe or Alaska, though.”

“Babies grow fast and practical moms will think those kinds of accessories are just a luxury. Nobody would want to spend for baby fashion!”


This is what we ended up with, our very first Zuri Baby Couture booties, which I am very proud of until this day.

Zuri Baby Couture Booties Collection

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I went back to the Philippines on a business trip and brought my baby and nanny with me. I had a meeting with an online platform where I was planning to work with to handle our jewelry line distribution (Zuri Wearable Art and Belle Jewelry Collection) . Since my baby was with me at the time, I showed them her outfit and offered to bundle my jewelry pieces with my baby products. At first, they were hesitant but eventually they agreed.

Surprisingly, the first 30 minutes after the products were launched online, everything was a hit! Every minute a product is sold, and we got hundreds of pre-orders in just few hours of launching. Learn more HERE

I felt so happy that the idea inspired by my baby became an instant success! From there, I was able to make it into a full-blown business. I took the leap of faith to say YES and committed to grow this brand just like how I did with my jewelry lines.

It wasn’t always easy, because I experienced failures, delays, and losses in trying to start this businessbut it only made me stronger.


Despite the mixed feedback i get when i am starting developing the products, I used them as guides in making standard for our product: it should be comfortable, breathable, and wearable in humid countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Other factors I figured in are affordability, beautiful design, and most of all, it should create an impact once the baby wears it.

Today, Zuri Baby Couture has achieved success all over Southeast Asia: the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. And it’s all because of you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




Hershey Morgan

CEO- Genesis Logistics Marketing Technologies Pte Ltd


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