BPI Transfer

1. Log in to https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/

2. Hover your mouse to ONLINE BANKING LOGIN then click.


3. It will redirect you to the next page; Now you will be able to see a box that will ask for your credentials (USER ID & PASSWORD) --fill up those field to log in.

4. Once logged in, it should route you to the “ACCOUNT SCREEN” where in you will be able to see your account details. On the bottom part of the screen it will give you an option to click on “TRANSFER”

5. Once you click on “TRANSFER” it will show you this page. Just choose “TRANSFER TO ANYONE” by clicking the arrow going right.

6. After you click on “TRANSFER TO ANYONE” it should ask you to fill up the following details: (Please use the information below)

 Account Number: 3210005675

 Amount of purchased:

 Remarks: Zuribabycouture invoice # _____

*Verify the information if it is correct just tick on “YES”

7. Good Job! Transaction Completed.  Just click “DONE” to close.


  • Please send us a screenshot so we can prepare your order for shipping. Looking forward to do business with you again. Have a wonderful day ♥