1. Log in to

  1. Hover your mouse to BDO ONLINE BANKING then click on BDO ONLINE BANKING.                                                                                                                   

  1. It will redirect you to the next page; Now you will be able to see a box that will ask for your credentials (USER ID & PASSWORD) --fill up those field to log in

  1. Once you logged in; you will be proceeding to the next page that will ask you to enter your OTP (one-time password) which was sent to your registered mobile number or you can also answer the "CHALLENGE QUESTION" that you created when you initially registered to your BDO Account.

      5. From the main menu, go to Send Money >> Send Money to Any BDO Account.

       6. For Source Account, choose your account where the payment will be deducted from.  

           For Amount Field, indicate the amount that you are going to transfer

           For Destination Account, input the details below:

                > ZURI ACCOUNT NUMBER:

                  BDO Bank Account Deposit:

                 Account name: Faith Avigale S. Marfega

                 Account number: 00682 050 5662

            For Remarks Field, choose any related reason of transfer example;     allowance. Put your invoice number/order associated with your order.


          7. Finally click submit; it will now show you the summary of the transaction, please review everything specially the TRANSFER FROM and TRANSFER TO fields, the AMOUNT & DATE. If everything is correct, click continue.

Great Job!

You will now see on your screen that you have successfully transferred your money with the reference number.