ZuriBabyCouture-The Instant Infant Fashion Goes Global

Achieving a significant fashion mark in the Philippines, Zuri Baby Couture enter its planned expansion worldwide, particularly in South East Asia and USA, with its accessories and clothing line.

The early of Zuri Baby Couture, since its soft launch on February, have been a blockbuster scene to electronic commerce sites and social media venues. Garnering over hundred and thousands official number of followers on Facebook, the brand has reached its goal of promoting the Instant Infant Fashion thrust to its target market – mothers, fathers, young adults, and other uncategorized members of buyers. In line with its objective to cater to babies and children in ages zero (0) to seven (7), the brand is envisioning a full launch of a one-stop clothing and accessories line before the last quarter of 2015. More exciting and beautiful designs are expected to unravel the art of dressing up babies to a whole new level.

A very significant and undoubtedly an interesting mark would be the expansion of the brand’s online scope worldwide – jump starting in South East Asia (particularly Philippines,Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) and USA.

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