Getting the Right Shoe Size

Make sure to get the perfect fit for your little one by checking our shoe size table guide and using our downloadable and printable shoe size ruler.

Before buying shoes for your baby, you should measure the size of your little angel’s tiny feet in order to have a correct and comfortable fit for your child. Let Zuri Baby Couture guide you in what shoe size is suitable for your kiddo.

We have three available shoe sizes in our product collections, particularly for Booties, Ballerina Flats, and Barefoot Sandals.

Remember: each child’s foot is unique, that’s why this table guide only determines a general overview of the standard shoe size of most babies. Your baby boy or little girl’s shoe size would probably either be bigger or smaller, depending on his or her body built.

To make sure that our shoes would seamlessly fit your child’s feet, we advise you to download and print our guide from the provided link below. Simply follow the measuring instructions.

Last two reminders for you, mommies, daddies, aunties, and uncles:
  • For proper fitting of the shoes, let your baby stand while both feet are spread out.
  • Toes of your baby must be able to move freely while he or she is wearing the shoes.