E-Gift Cards Now Available on Zuri Baby Couture

August 20, 2014

Zuri Baby Couture now offers electronic gift cards on its shopping website for more remarkable moments that show love and care to your family and friends.

A new and unique way of showing your appreciation to the people closest to your heart is now available on our website. Say hello to our E-GIFT CARDS that reveal a lot of ideas on ending your gift-giving dilemma every time there’s a celebration in need of something special to be given.

We provide the following gift cards in different amount preferences:

  • PhP 500
  • PhP 1,000
  • PhP 1,500
  • PhP 2,000
  • PhP 3,000
  • PhP 5,000
  • PhP 10,000
  • PhP 15,000
  • PhP 20,000

Zuri Baby Couture E-Gift Cards have official and unique gift card codes from us. After your purchase, we will send a confirmation email that contains the official gift card code/s and a download link for an editable gift card, should you want to print out the gift card or forward it to the recipient via email.

Make sure to enter this code—ZBCGIFT—on the discount code box so you won’t be charged with shipping fee. The code is only applicable for E-Gift Cards purchase.

The recipient will simply enter the official gift card code on our shopping cart’s discount code box and the valid amount of the gift card will be automatically deducted on total price of the online transaction.


We make it easy and convenient for you to send your kisses and hugs to the ones you love with our E-Gift Cards that would allow the recipient to choose from our beautiful collections that include baby accessories, tutu dresses, and our booties set specialties. Whether you are thinking of a nice birthday gift, a welcome greeting to the Christian world, or simply a way of telling your special friends and family that you remember them, our E-Gift Cards are the perfect gift of your choice.

Below is the list of our terms of use:

  1. Zuri Baby Couture E-Gift Cards can only be used in online transactions on www.zuribabycouture.com.
  2. Each gift card has an official and unique gift card code that will be applicable for online transactions only.
  3. Every single gift card with one official gift card code is applicable for one transaction only.
  4. When availing E-Gift Cards, the recipient shall input the gift card code on the shopping cart’s discount code box. Once code is successfully accepted, the shopping cart will automatically deduct the valid amount of the gift card from the total price of the order.
  5. Each gift card in the amount of your choice can be purchased in multiple quantities based on your desired number.
  6. Zuri Baby Couture is not responsible for lost E-Gift Cards. It will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.
  7. Zuri Baby Couture E-Gift Cards are not returnable or exchangeable for cash.
  8. Recipients of the gift cards cannot use Zuri Baby Couture E-Gift Cards to purchase E-Gift Cards.
  9. Zuri Baby Couture E-Gift Cards are not valid in retail stores.
  10. If the amount of the purchased item/s is/are below the amount of the gift card, the remaining amount is not refundable.
  11. If the amount of the purchased item/s exceed/s the amount of the gift card, the recipient shall pay the remaining balance.
  12. Zuri Baby Couture e-Gift Cards do not expire. We do not request for any service fees for non-use.
  13. Once the recipient uses the gift card code, other promo/discount codes will not be valid. Only one code can be entered on our discount code box.

Give a fashionable gift to your special family and friends!

Love the spirit of giving? Start it now, click here.

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