Best Moments with Zuri Baby Couture: Lee Artemis Villavert and Baby Leela

August 01, 2014

Best Moments with Zuri Baby Couture

Lee Artemis Villavert, mother of Cionne Angela Vladmina or “Leela” (1 year and 2 months old)

My most unforgettable experience with my little darling would have to be our very first bonding moment in the privacy of the hospital's breastfeeding room. She was three days old then. You see, she had to be kept in the Neonatal ICU for 10 days due to low body temperature, low blood sugar level, a high white blood cell count, and she developed jaundice, too. I, on the other hand, had to undergo blood transfusion a day after she was born, because my hemoglobin level dropped really low. 

To finally be able to see her again, to cuddle with her very close, and breastfeed her in the cozy silence of that little room was such a special and emotional experience, where only I, a first-time mom, and my newborn could share. There were no photos captured during that heart-melting moment, but it will forever be treasured in my memory. In time, my dearest Leela will know of it, and of the myriad of feelings that poured out of that very special moment that only I could understand.

Lee Artemis Villavert loves Zuri Baby Couture


If I were to count every moment that Zuri Baby Couture became a part of, it's sure to be plenty, because every time I put those stylish booties on my baby's tiny feet and the matching headbands to beautify her crowning glory, I am confident that she is at her prettiest and most picture-perfect appearance, and those make the best moments!

One occasion was her Christening day, when she wore the stunning Red Glamour Baby booties set in her post-Baptismal ceremony dinner. The vivid red booties and matching flower on the headband really stood out, and they looked perfect with her simple red tube top and cream-colored tulle skirt. She got a lot of compliments for her entire get-up. She must have felt how lovely and lady-like she looked that day. She was so behave all the time. Her daddy and I were so proud of her!


One of my sisters sent me a private message on Facebook, telling me about this online store that sells really awesome accessories for babies. She knew all along that I have been wanting her niece to own a pair of stylish yet comfy baby boots. She provided me the link to that online store, and I'm ever so thankful that she did. I clicked on the link, loved what I saw, and, voila! The rest is history.

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