2015 Zuri Baby Couture Mid-Year Sale

Join the Biggest Sale event this Year!
Enjoy 50% off on ALL Zuri Baby Couture!

Date: June 1-15, 2015

Address: Unit 307 Pairpags Center, Export Wing, Naia Avenue, Pasay City

RSVP: 09178472128 / 8549588/info@zuribabycouture.com


Zuri Baby Couture, together with Zuri Wearable Art andBELLE Jewelry, gladly opens the doors of its showroom for exclusive discounts and freebies. Set your schedule and join now!

As an exciting treat to the avid customers, Zuri Group of Fashion Accessories Brands welcomes the start MID YEAR with the grand opening of its showroom located at its main office in Pasay City.
Here’s the thrilling offer! Get lots of discounts, FREE gifts, and also the enjoyment of experiencing the special sale on JUNE 1-15 (8AM TO 9PM)

As an introductory special, ALL items will be offered for 50% OFF! But, hey! We are talking about not one, but three brands—Zuri Baby Couture, Zuri Wearable Art, andBELLEJewelry Collection.

Please confirm your attendance here. Gift pack awaits for those that are registered HERE.