Feminine yet easy to wear, Ballerina Shoes never go out of style.

A Ballerina Shoe is a staple in any girl’s closet. Start your little one young by buying her a first pair at ZuriBabyCouture. With a wide collection of designs to choose from, your baby is sure to love this timeless footwear classic.

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Zuri Baby Couture spreads its fashion magic to mommies and babies in Singapore.

Your favorite online baby store is growing, as ZuriBabyCouture will officially be launching in Singapore! To mark this milestone, ZuriBabyCouture will be present in Baby Market – the Biggest Baby Fair in Southeast Asia. This event is definitely not one to miss, as mommies and babies alike will be able to enjoy the best deals for baby, maternity, and household brands from all across the worldwide web. A dedicated team of deal hunters and retail experts are the curators for this Baby Market event, ensuring that only the best brands and products are present here. Being a worldwide brand, ZuriBabyCouture’s attendance was a must for this event.

ZuriBabyCouture has plenty in store for those who will be dropping by Baby Market. The ZuriBabyCouture booth will be showcasing some of the brand’s latest and most popular designs, a true treat for any ZuriBabyCouture fan, as the online shopping experience is brought to real life. In addition to this, ZuriBabyCouture will also be offering exclusive deals, promos, and even 20% discount coupons applicable for future online purchase.

The Baby Market event will be taking place on April 7-9, 2017 at the Singapore Expo. Our Booth is at D-23. This is the chance for mommies not just to meet their favorite ZuriBabyCouture brand, but also meet other ZuriBabyCouture fans that make up a growing, happy community. See you there!

Check out ZuriBabyCouture Singapore newly launched online store at www.zuribabycouture.com.sg

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Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre.


More Payment options available


Zuri Baby Couture payment options

Zuri Baby Couture payment options



Easy Order Process using your Credit and Debit Card

 Zuri Baby Couture brings you the most convenient payment options on every online transaction. Below are the simple steps in using your Credit / Debit Card as mode of payment. 


Place and order on www.zuribabycouture.ph

Click the photo and "add to cart" the item you wish to purchase.

Zuri Baby Couture


Click "continue to purchase" to add more items.

Click "checkout" to continue processing your order.

Zuri Baby Couture


Fill up the customer information form.

Click the button "continue to shipping method" once done.

Zuri Baby Couture Payment System


Choose the correct shipping method based on your location. Free Shipping option will appear if the item you order is eligible for free shipping.

Zuri Baby Couture Payment System


Choose "Paypal" on the Payment Method options. Please take note that you dont need to have a paypal account since paypal process all credit and debit cards as well.


Click the button "complete order" - You will be redirected to Paypal page.

Zuri Baby Couture Payment System


Click the button "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" -Please refer to the image below.

Zuri Baby Couture Payment System


Fill up the form with your credit / Debit Card details.

Click "Pay now" then you will get a confirmation from your screen.

An email confirmation will be sent by Paypal, Please forward it to info@zuribabycouture.ph and we will arrange processing delivery of your orders!

Zuri Baby Couture




With the rise of the digital age, online stores have been popping up left and right. It takes true hard work, dedication and commitment for an online store to survive. Nobody knows this better than the Zuri Baby Couture Customer Service Team. Through their daily devotedness to the Zuri Baby Couture customers, purchases are made smoothly, inquiries are answered promptly and true quality service is delivered.

Saying no to automated service, the Zuri Baby Couture team believes that there is still true value in putting eager and friendly individuals behind customer service. Aside from day-to-day business transactions, Zuri Baby Couture prioritizes personal, thoughtful connections. Now open to serve you for the extended shopping period of 8 am – 9 pm, you and your little one have all day and all night to browse the Zuri Baby Couture site. For service that is truly worthy of you and your precious one,
you can count on Zuri Baby Couture.

10 Quick Facts About Zuri Baby Couture

We bring you 10 quick facts about our company and the team behind the lovely accessories of Zuri Baby Couture. Read on, mommy!

  1.  Wondering who is the cutie pie and beautiful baby modeling Zuri Baby Couture’s accessories and dresses? Her name is L.H (short for Little Hershey), the adorable daughter of Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Morgan. 
    Look at this photo when we first launched in 2013! 

    This is L.H now! All grown-up and nearing her toddler stage! She can already walk!
  2. We have our own design and manufacturing team, which is based in Manila and also in Jakarta. All our designs are 100% original and each item’s quality is carefully checked.

    Our Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Morgan is always hands-on! She makes sure everything is in order and premium quality. Hey, by the way, she is a certified pearl specialist who graduated from Gemological Institute of America. So you and your baby are in good hands, mommy! 

    Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Morgan

  3. We have an office in PAIR PAGS Building in Naia Avenue, where we usually hold our sales events, just like our GRAND MID-YEAR SALE that happened last June!
  4. We are a legitimate online seller operating under our mother company, Illumine Import Export Designs and Marketing Corporation, a legally registered marketing firm under the laws of Republic of the Philippines, which is geared towards retail business and brand marketing of premium fashion products through various online platforms.
  5. Check out the hashtag #zuribabycouture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll see lots of photos showcasing pretty and angel-like babies who are wearing our accessories and dresses! 

    As of the moment, we have over a thousand entries! Do you want your baby to be also featured in our album? Make your little girl an instant celebrity by joining WHO’S WEARING ZURI BABY COUTURE!

  6. We had set up an enthusiastic customers service and logistics team who can assist you everyday from 8:00 AM to 9:00PM. Yes, you’ve read it right. We are available online for almost the whole day, keeping track of every transaction’s orders, deliveries, and inquiries.

  7. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, our customer service representatives are online in our home page’s Chat Box. Just leave a message and we will surely answer right away in the best way we can!
  8. We have our totally NEW, simple, user-friendly, and convenient shopping cart for you! 
  9. Our payment options and ordering process are made possible for the convenience of our loyal clients. From bank deposits to money transfers, and credit card gateway, we’ve got it covered! You can order our items through our shopping cart, web live chat, Facebook chat or private message, SMS, landline, or email. 
  10. Lastly, we are real people, our dearest customers. Though we have automated emails, we assure you that you are talking not to computers (or robot), but you are actually talking to professional employees who are 24/7 ready to help you with your much-needed information.  
    Chat with us now! We would love to hear your comments! Have a great day! 

Easy Ordering Process

Zuri Baby Couture makes it easy and convenient for you to shop baby accessories with its accessible and active ordering process.

Zuri Baby Couture provides its avid customers with the most user-friendly forms of communication for ordering and shopping. Giving importance to the convenience and smooth ordering process of its clients, the baby accessories brand has successfully used the following ways for more than a year now. So feel free to choose what you want among the list below.

Shop now on www.zuribabycouture.com and get a full look of the beautiful collections that we designed for both babies and toddlers. Our online store has two platforms for both mobile and desktop, so there’s no need for you to worry about navigating our shopping cart. It’s definitely so easy and fun to use.

From 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily, feel free to talk to one of our customer service representatives through our web live chat and place your order right away. This live chat provision is especially made user-friendly for both mobile phones and desktop. Simply send us the following information:

  • Product title of the item you wish to buy
  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your shipping address

You may send your order information to info@zuribabycouture.com and email the following details:

  • Product title of the item you wish to buy
  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your shipping address

When you visit our official Facebook page and you want a particular item for your baby, you may place your order through sending us a private message or talking to one of our customer service representatives on our live Facebook chat. Simply send the PRODUCT TITLE OF THE ITEM, YOUR NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, and SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Oh, but hey, please keep in mind that our Facebook live chat is only available for desktop. Also, there's more to our Facebook page, because we have integrated an online store for your convenience, which has a shopping cart and is available when you are using your laptop or computer.

You may send your order information by texting your complete details to +63917.847.2128—PRODUCT TITLE OF THE ITEM, YOUR NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, and SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Call us at +632.854.9588 and tell us your order details through phone. Simply inform us about the following: PRODUCT TITLE OF THE ITEM, YOUR NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, and SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Hope we made it easier and more convenient for you! :)

Hey hey hey! Why don’t you clap clap clap? Hooray to the NEW LOOK and BETTER NAVIGATION OF

Hey hey hey! Why don’t you clap clap clap?


Just a simple reminder, lovelies:
For Google Chrome, click HERE
For Safari, here’s HOW
For Mozilla Firefox, check it OUT
For Internet Explorer, visit THIS

FACEBOOK+STORE=ZuriBabyCouture Facebook Store!

It's now easy and convenient to buy from us here on our Facebook Timeline! Click HERE and shop.

Five (5) Reasons why Mommies and Daddies Love Zuri Baby Couture

Every time we post a new product on our Facebook timeline, we couldn’t get more excited for the following item that we are about to share next to our followers. Do you want to know the reason? Well, since things inside our marketing and manufacturing office get more dynamic with so much enthusiasm from our designers and staff members, we always look forward to seeing families (not just moms) take lovely photos of their little angels who wear our accessories! 

(You might want to check the hashtag trend on Instagram, which is #whoswearingzuribabycouture and see for yourself!) 

Every day and almost every hour, we get inquiries from customers who, like us, prioritize the great mix of style, comfort, and friendly price. In the middle of our conversation with them (our clients), they couldn’t resist the call of our colorful world and finally have purchased at least one oh-too-good product. Finally, once their orders arrived at their doorstep, they always make it to a point to leave some good and heartwarming messages in our inbox. 

Upon collating all pieces of kinds words that we received from our avid customers, we’ve decided to come up with this list. We couldn’t get any happier than what we are now!

So please, please. Take a little time to read why both mommies and daddies love Zuri Baby Couture. We’re excited to also be loved by you! How sweet it is, right?

Here’s why:


We are one of the country’s few designer-made brands that distribute high quality fashion accessories and clothes for the much-needed style of little ones. Each product is made with love and passion. We produce one-of-a-kind designs and wide range of fashionable accessories that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. We’ve got guaranteed original designs! 


We have a simple three-step process for both our main site and Facebook store: CLICK, CHOOSE, AND CHECK OUT. We provide our clients with an easy-to-use and convenient online shop that features all our available products on hand in a neat and pleasing appearance. We give importance to the completeness and accuracy of details for each and every description. Besides the looks, we make sure our clients can easily find the information that they need. 


Parents simply love sharing photos of their babies who look so adorable and too cute! For over a year now, we’ve built a beautiful online community for mommies on Facebook and Instagram who frequently post the smiles and model-like stances of their little princesses. Definitely instant celebrities! 

Check out the trend on Instagram by typing #whoswearingzuribabycouture on the hashtag explore option. To date, we have more than 1,000 photos of babies! Hooray to that!  


Available on web chat, Facebook message, SMS, BBM, and landline from the time your body gets going for the day to the moment you are about to hit the sheets, Zuri Baby Couture’s customer service representatives are always ready and energetic to assist you in your orders, payments, inquiries, and other concerns. From 8AM to 9PM, our clients feel free to contact us. Easy to call and indeed reachable! 


From the minute our customers browse the products on our website to the exciting arrival of the item right at their doorstep, every transaction is done smoothly with the proper assistance and correspondence of our team. Even though we experience some challenges for a few times, we still get positive love letters from our clients, which we dearly keep for our daily dose of inspiration. 

We love our job and we love the people who continue to support us—that’s why we always make room for improvement and innovate our system, from product development to operations. We strive for the better and work for the best! We wouldn’t get tired of giving our clients valid reasons on loving us more and more.

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